Above the words you're reading right now, you will find the music video for the song "Drugs," as rapped by Kadillak Kaz, SnoopyBlue, Big2DaBoy and Cakeboi Sav.

Why isn't this song in a video game?

Why isn't any song by Kadillak Kaz in a video game?

I mean, exactly how many times does a man have to ask?

Or, to ask it as Kaddillak Kaz did, "@notch who can i talk to regarding getting my music placed on your games?"

Can anyone at Lionhead really turn this guy down? He'd do a great score for the next Fable.


Would contemplative indie game The Witness not be improved by some Kadillak Kaz?

Are the people who organize GDC China doing anything right now other than greenlighting their very first video game so they can get Do it Big into their menu screen?


Irrational Games, makers of BioShock? Frozen Synapse creators Mode 7? Anyone?

If anyone's taking Kadillak Kaz up on his offer, let me know! I've asked him about his outreach strategy and will update this post if I hear back.

Update: Kaz has gotten in touch to explain why he wants to get his music into video games: "its a lane that is not crowded like everything else in music...it would be good branding for not only myself, bt 4 the game 2"


KADILLAK KAZ Twitter feed.