World's Tallest Waterslide Delayed After Testers Go Airborne

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The Schlitterbahn park in Kansas is home to the Verrückt, which when open will be the world's tallest waterslide. It won't be open for a little while, though, because it's been reported that some testers - going at 60-70mph - have been going airborne.


The slide is 168 feet tall, and the problem seems to be the point where riders shoot out at the end of a 17-story drop, with some leaving the slide and getting some hangtime. This might sound awesome, but the slide is worryingly narrow, so the concern would be someone getting airborne then...crashing. Or crashing back on the slide, but in a position that would cause injury.

Park officials say this is all part of the testing, and that it'll be OK when it's actually released to the public.

Which is OK, cool, whatever, but where and how can I get a job testing waterslides?

UPDATE - The park has denied Inquisitr's report, with a spokesman telling The Kansas City Star "I can absolutely say that no test riders have gone airborne on the slide, because no test riders have gone down the slide".

Verrückt: World's Largest Water Slide Opening Delayed After Test Riders Reportedly Go Airborne [Inquisitr, via Geekologie]



this place is five minutes from my house and even though I've never visited sounds baller. they invite you to bring all your picnic shit and have free lockers, basically spitting in the face of the longtime running theme park down the road that also joins with the aquatic park they own.