World's Most Annoying Kinect Mod?

A very annoying alarm is ringing. It won't stop. Not unless you stand in the box, in front of the Microsoft Kinect, and raise your arms.


This was a student project for the Performance and Technology Lab at UCLA and possibly the world's most annoying mod of the Xbox 360's Kinect sensor.

"I noticed some people have fun turning it on and off," the mod's creator Matthew Miller writes on Vimeo, "but that fun seemed to fade quickly, especially because of the other people around that would have preferred that it just remained off."


I hope Miller got a good grade, but, really, I just hope he didn't make too many enemies with that project.

Alarm Will Sound [Vimeo]

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And here's me thinking that Sonic Riders was Kinect's most annoying mod.

What? It's a game?

Huh...Who would've thought....