World's Best Jigglypuff Player Gives Heartbreaking Interview After Winning Smash Tournament

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Star Super Smash Bros. player Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma won first place in the fighting game’s Dreamhack tournament this weekend, making him the first American Smash pro to do so on European soil. The post-game interview he gave immediately after winning quickly turned personal.

You can watch the full post-match interview here:

HungryBox is known in the Smash scene for his formidable Jigglypuff skills, and he said in the interview that he felt some pressure going into the tournament both because of his unique character pick and the fact that he wasn’t playing on his home turf. But the biggest pressure he felt came from his father, who recently died. The Smash star recalled how his father had never truly supported him or his eSports aspirations while he was still alive.


“My dad just passed away, you know,” HungryBox said, crying and wiping away tears from his eyes as he continued to speak. “It was my biological dad. And we—I know it’s personal stuff, but he told me: ‘You’ll never be the best. You’ll be good, but you’ll never be the best.’”

“So I hope he sees me now.”

The interviewer responded to HungryBox’s mention of his deceased father by quickly saying, “I’m sorry.”

“No, no, it’s fine,” HungryBox replied. “All is forgiven now. But it’s a lot of closure for me.”

HungryBox apologized for becoming so emotional, saying: “That got weird really quick, I’m sorry.” The two of them then moved on to talk about the Smash gameplay at the Dreamhack tournament. It was a fleeting moment that let all us Smash eSports fans see just how strong a top player’s motivation was going into one of the year’s biggest tournaments.


HungryBox came home to the U.S. last night, giant $10,000 DreamHack check in tow:


GG, HungryBox.

You can watch his full grand finals match against Swedish Smash star Adam “Armada” Lindgren at Dreamhack here:

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Yannick LeJacq

I’ve had a very complicated relationship with my dad for basically my whole life and have often struggled with the fact that neither of my parents really consider a job involving video games to be the best use of my career/talents, so this moment hit me very hard : (

I hope that some of the anti-gaming stigma that people face and have faced in the past will go away as new generations grow up in a world where video games are a bigger and better part of life/culture than they’ve even been before. I’m definitely going to encourage my kids to play games as much as they want...if I ever end up having kids, that is!

EDIT: As long as my kids play League of Legends with me. Can’t have my offspring grow up to be noobs!!