News flash. The NPD Group have compiled the all-format sales of 2008's biggest music titles, Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band 2, and found that the Activision franchise was the winner.

Combined sales of GHWT were 3.4 million. Combined sales of Rock Band 2? 1.7 million. That's a convenient 2:1 ratio. Why/how did this happen?

Firstly, Guitar Hero is Guitar Hero. You may know that the guys who made the first two Guitar Heroes so great now make Rock Band, but those guys from work who play every Friday night don't know SQUAT.

Secondly, and potentially more telling, Activision had the sense to release World Tour across all four platforms (Wii, 360, PS3 and PS2) at once. Rock Band 2, however, was rolled out gradually, which must have been confusing to the average consumer, not to mention the fact releasing late on PS2 and Wii meant few of those sales would count towards the game's end of year tally.


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