World Of Warships' Humble Bundle Mess Finally Cleaned Up

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Last week, Wargaming screwed up, and accidentally made some promises to World of Warships players they later failed to honour. When fans complained, they were given some of the stuff, but it’s taken until today for the company to truly make things right.


Posting on the World of Warships forums, a company representative has said that fans who paid for an E3 Digital Ticket Humble Bundle will now be getting every single item that was originally advertised, not simply the revised terms listed when Wargaming amended the offer’s contents.

That means all players who bought one will finally be getting their Murmansk (including Port Slot and a 3-skill commander), seven days of premium time, five port slots and 1000 doubloons.


And all it cost Wargaming was...some ethereal digital stuff! Imagine if they could have just parted with it in the first place and saved everyone all the trouble.

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“Gamers are so entitled.” “Stop complaining.” “Why would you even pay real money for digital items.”

It’s good to see that a vocal fanbase can ensure companies honour decent business practices and respect their consumers.