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World Of Warcraft's Shocking Large Daddy Needs Your Help

Illustration for article titled World Of Warcrafts Shocking Large Daddy Needs Your Help

In a remote Horde outpost in the Stonetalon Mountains of the newly-restructured World of Warcraft, a young Blood Elf girl named Clarissa begs passers-by to help bring her pal Mr. D back to life. Sound familiar?


Players that participated in the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta and those players that have ventured into the Stonetalon Mountains since last week's world-shattering patch might have already run into Clarissa and her friend, a sizable Goblin mech called Large Daddy. There's also an Alliance version of the quest line that starts with a young girl named Alice, but no one plays Alliance so that hardly matters.


Kotaku reader Travis pointed us in their direction, so I dusted off an old level 24 shaman alt of mine and did a little exploring, nearly getting killed in the process.

The quest wasn't open to me, which is probably for the best, considering my shaman had a respec waiting and hadn't repurchased any skills. In layman's terms, I was pretty gimped.

Interested in finding them for yourself? Just check out the quest Dream of a Better Tomorrow, or Just Ask Alice if you're Alliance and have somehow figured out how to read. You'll score Mr. Bubble's Shockingly Delicious Ice Cream for your trouble, and learn a little something about friendship in the process.

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Look, I play Alliance because I love how the world looks from the Alliance point of view. I love the Alliance races and I don't care what people say the vast majority of Alliance players are. Fact is, I do not like Horde. No one is going to try to make me conform to their idea of what's cool above all things in life, World of Warcraft.

I mean holy shit. Curse the day when nerds are actually dividing themselves up and making fun of each other. Pathetic.