World Of Warcraft's Biggest Fan Immortalised In Game

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"Red Shirt Guy", who shot to internet fame last week for his intimidatingly deep knowledge of World of Warcraft lore, has been turned into a character in the game's latest expansion by developers Blizzard.


That's him there on the right - Wildhammer Fact Checker - complete with his red shirt.


Before you cry fake, Blizzard's Lead World Designer Alex Afrasiabi popped onto the WoW forums to confirm that he is indeed a real character in the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Congratulations, Red Shirt Guy; fleeting internet fame is one thing, but being immortalised in the game (or at least in its beta) you love is something way cooler.

[via Reddit]

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Bud Light Presents: Real Men of Genius

(♫ Real men of genius ♫)

Today we salute you, Mr. Warcraft-Loving Red Shirt Guy.

(♫ Mr. Warcraft-Loving Red Shirt Guy ♫)

Any MMO player can play a Zharazan raid for fun, but it takes a really epic gamer to educate even you great-grandmother on the history of Azeroth, with included final exam.

(♫ Due on Friday! ♫) Standing at the microphone in your awesomely awesome red shirt, guy, you tell the world that Falstad Wildhammer is in fact alive, while others have told you wrong!

(♫ Bunch of bastards! ♫)

Is that right? Well unleash that library of Warcraft knowledge, and cast a spell of the mighty "Fuck Yeah!" for extra strength!

(♫ FUCK YEAH! ♫)

And you told them the true meaning of being a nerd. That nerd that shouldn't be messed with, because you are the true believer in the Warcraft mythos. And because of this, you are now forever immortalized in the one game universe that you have, and will, forever love.

(♫ Pelvic thrust, UGH! ♫)

So crack open an ice-cold Bud Light, red shirt guy, because every conversation about World of Warcraft that comes up, you are that guy.

(♫ Mr. Warcraft-Loving Red Shirt Guy ♫)