World of Warcraft Players Discover Secret Cave With Pet Inside

Although WoW is a huge game, it doesn’t have many secrets. Fans datamine everything before a patch or an expansion goes live and immediately share it online. Sometimes tiny things do remain hidden though. But only for a few weeks.

Terky the Murloc was one of those Asia-only pets, not added to the game on US or EU realms, until Blizzard devs secretly sneaked it in in patch 6.2.2. (so this secret barely lasted a month and a half), hiding it in a submerged cave in Borean Tundra—a zone that’s pretty much empty nowadays.


Turns out the first one who found it was a French player who was leveling his alt mage in Borean Tundra, and didn’t even realize he found something new and cool.


Here’s a video below showing how to find it. Don’t worry if your subscription is not active, you can go there under level 20 and grab it quickly.

And the funniest thing about this easter egg? It’s no longer an easter egg:


Top photo: Solithan / Wowhead - Group photos: trekker1303 and ManicGypsy / r/wow

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