Just as the money for World of Warcraft Monopoly replaces those boring old numbers with the faces of Azeroth's most influential, the Chance and Community Chest cards replace the stale old man in a top hat with the freshest seafood Azeroth has to offer.

Two weeks ago PC Gaming Lives gave you an exclusive first-look at the fake money of World of Warcraft Monopoly, the total conversion for Hasbro's legendary board game. This week we're once again proving that Hasbro's USAopoly artists aren't just calling it in.

Not only have we got your first glimpse of the Chance and Treasure (Community Chest) cards, we've also got a peek at one of the land deeds you'll be fighting for, a railroad swallowed by the Dark Portal, and the finest utilities Gnomeregan has to offer. Do not pass go, do not collect 100 gold pieces.


Okay, you can at least advance to go.

How could you keep something this cute locked away?


Oooo, Icecrown. I hear the neighbors can be real liches.

An entire expansion reduced to one of four transportation spaces.


Poor Hogger, always the treasure, never the treasurer.

Defeating the Lich King ranks slightly above defeating Hogger.


Kezan Central Electric? Sounds like the Gnomes don't have a monopoly on Azeroth's utilities! See what I did there? God I hope not.