World Of Warcraft Lights The Summer Flame

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Is it that time of year again already? Blizzard once again celebrates the coming of summer in World of Warcraft, with an icy new nemesis joining this year's Midsummer Fire Festival festivities.


The Midsummer Fire Festival is a great time to slip back into World of Warcraft for awhile, with plenty of activities easily accomplished during the vent's June 21st through July 5th run. Players collect Burning Blossoms awarded by completing various quests in order to purchase Fire Festival-related merchandise, ranging from food to the coveted Brazier of Dancing Flames - the ultimate party accessory.

All of the events from the previous Midsummer festivals make a return this year, from the amusing flame desecration game that sends you deep into enemy territory, to the amazingly frustrating torch catching mini-game that is directly responsible for one broken laser mouse on my end.


The one notable inclusion this year is Ahune, the Frost Lord, a special summonable level 70 boss located inside the Slave Pens instance, who has an understandable aversion to festivals carrying flame motifs. Killing him nets players a selection of epic items, including a special Scorchling pet to keep you warm as you make the journey into Northrend.

I've become a bit of a seasonal WoW player myself lately, logging in during the big events and then going back into hiding shortly thereafter, so if you look closely you just might see me begging to get into a Slave Pens group next week. I bet a frost mage will be a huge help against someone called the Frost Lord.

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I love WoW, and I have not played for 25 days since my computer fritzed...which feels more like a few months. I have to admit, I feel GREAT.

I have so much time to spend playing other games now.