World Of Warcraft: Legion Progress Report: Ever Questing

Three weeks into World of Warcraft’s Legion expansion, and I’m still logging into my Druid every day to go on adventures. It’s nice when daily questing doesn’t mean doing the same quests every day, isn’t it?

The idea of dailies, repeatable quests players perform every day in order to grind reputation and earn faction-exclusive gear, never really took with me. I got caught up in it once, years ago, during an event where a phoenix mount was on the line, but outside of that I’ve just half-heartedly pawed at them. They were grinds, pure and simple.


Legion has transformed dailies into world quests, special missions and objectives that pop up when you wander into their area (or purposely go there). Some are kill X of Y. Some are take down so-and-so-boss. Others are checkpoint races, or platforming challenges, or—and this one was my favorite so far—squirrel wrangling. I wrangled squirrels.

So while I am still doing dailies, I am doing far more exciting dailies. Dailies that regularly offer special rewards for completing them, rather than a set amount of reputation and a “come back tomorrow.”

And that’s pretty much been my week. I finished off my Druid Order Hall quest line, which ended with a simple quest involving something like winning the War of the Ancients. You know, easy.

The War of the Ancients. Piece of cake.

I continued the Illidan Stormrage quest line, following the infamous villain’s relatively rapid descent into evil. In a playable quest I unlocked only days ago, I got to play him as he went from grumpy to mass murderer in under 20 minutes. It was pretty impressive.

Gotta crack some eggs, kids.

Plus I’ve been gearing up for Mythic dungeons. This is embarrassing to admit, but I’d never even done a Heroic before this past week. I was worried that I would get into a group, under-perform and be ridiculed or kicked out. I was worried for nothing, it was a piece of cake.

Getting there.

As for the artifact mania of those opening days, that’s completely behind me now. I don’t need artifacts for my Priest, Paladin, Death Night or Monk.

She’s called Take Out, cause she takes demons out. Maybe on dates.

Okay, maybe the Monk.

I think we’re good here. All that’s left is a final review, which we’ll get to next week. For now, I’ve got a couple Monk levels to grind.

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