World of Warcraft Joins Forces With McDonald's China

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With the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor, coming in November, October seems to be a big month for Blizzard in China. The company's doing everything to drum up hype for the game, from an online cosplay contest to now an offline promotional partnership with fast food giant, McDonald's.

Last week, three McDonald's restaurants in China's most populous cities were transformed into WoW-themed restaurants. Instead of the regular McDonald's look, these three restaurants in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou were decked out in WoW posters.


Gone are the tacky paintings and in are paintings and character art from WoW. Hanging posters for burgers and shakes were replaced with banners for the Horde and the Alliance. Even the staff uniforms were changed from the regular emblazoned collar shirt and hat and turned into T-shirts with either the Horde or Alliance symbols.

Some McDonald's in China even had their front entrances decorated with gates and pillars to give the fast food joints more of a mythical look. Unfortunately, at the participating restaurant in Beijing that Kotaku visited, the gates and pillars were already removed.


Apart from the cosmetic and uniform changes at McDonald's, some restaurants even had replicas of Thrall's hammer on display. Patrons can even play with the hammer.


The themed stores will be around until November 4, when they'll turn back into regular o'le Mickey D's. That said, during this time, people ordering McDonald's delivery in China will receive a points card that can be used to redeem items within WoW. If you order enough McDonald's, you can get anything from in game potions to pets.


If you're in China and looking to visit the WoW-themed McDonald's, you can find them at the following addresses:

  • Beijing: Across the street from the Haidian Huangzhuang Subway Station at Number 22 RenDaBeilu Haidian District Beijing
  • Shanghai: Number 388 Nanjing West Road Jing'an District Beijing
  • Guangzhou: First floor of Citic Plaza Guangzhou at number 233 Tianhe Beilu, Tianhe District Guangzhou

Photos by Eric Jou

Top Photo: WoW-themed McDonald's in Guangzhou [PCGames.Cn]

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