World of Warcraft Headphones Ring in at $160

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You can now pre-order those Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Wireless Headset that Creative Labs showed off during last year's BlizzCon.


The headsets, which come either either a Horde or Alliance theme, will cost you $160 a pop. They include custom World of Warcraft voice mods, WoW-themed software and will work on a PC or Mac.

The headphones use rechargeable batteries that can be recharged while being used.


Pre-orders for the headset can be made at Creative and Amazon. Not being a WoW player, I'm not picking these up, but I can see people into the massively multiplayer online game making short order of the first run.

Illustration for article titled World of Warcraft Headphones Ring in at $160

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I'm concerned with the battery life, durability, mic sensitivity and noise suppression. So far every headset I've had, whether it be wired or wireless has had pretty poor durability. Often times they'd last for a few months and break at some point.

Also, batter life is important, as well as recharge time (and whether I can recharge while wearing them or not). The Logitech Clearchat that I use now has about 4 hours of battery life when in constant use. I'd like to see it last at least 8 hours.

Mic Sensitivity is important seeing as how...well that's the point of the headset. I don't want people to hear themselves when I'm talking cause the mic is too sensitive, but I don't want to sound muffled all the time cause it's not enough.

For the price tag they're offering for these, they better meet or exceed my expectations, because quite frankly I'm not going to pay $100 more because it has a World of Warcraft sticker (or etched) on it, like the WoW mouse.