World of Warcraft Guilds Can Now Switch Servers and Sides

Have you or someone you know spent years cultivating an Alliance-side guild in World of Warcraft, only to realize late in the game that Blizzard only loves the Horde? Now's your chance to feel the company's approving warmth as new services debut that allow guild leaders to change realm and faction.

Starting yesterday, guild leaders on select World of Warcraft servers have the opportunity to buy their way into the other side, take their guild to another server, or just change the name now that the pun you thought was hilarious five years ago has grown stale, like Blood, Bath, and Beyond (only kidding, that one never gets old).


Of course Alliance and deviant Horde guild masters must pay for their trespasses. Initiating a guild faction change will run $40, changing realms $35, and a guild name change runs $20. Bundling a realm change and a faction change together scores a $5 discount ($65), and both of the pricier services come with a free name change.

Now keep in mind that all that is transferring for these prices is the guild master, the guild bank, level, perks, and achievements. Everything else, and by that I mean other guild members, will have to pay for their own ticket to wherever the guild goes. When the guild leader leaves those left behind will be in a level one guild of the same name, stripped of all its worth.

So be really nice to your guild leaders.

The service is currently being implemented only on select realms, with plans to roll it out wide in the coming weeks.


And I was just kidding; Blizzard loves the Horde and Alliance equally. They just love the Horde more equally.

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