World Of Warcraft Flavored Mtn Dew Ad Features Night Elf On Orc Action

The first television spot for Blizzard and Pepsi's marriage of World of Warcraft and Mountain Dew features a familiar scene: two attractive for television women buying six packs of Warcraft-themed soda and the ensuing supermarket brawl.


Oh sure, this kind of thing happens all the time at my local Ralph's. Telegenic women prepping for a night in with their Horde or Alliance main by stocking up on soft drinks, then attempting to murder each other in their true forms is commonplace in the greater Los Angeles area. So this incident is nothing new to me.

But those of you not getting enough girl-on-girl action on the internet, this one's for you. I'm going to go grab a cool and refreshing Mtn Dew!

Thanks to Joshua for the heads up!


Just tried the red one today - horrible. And I love Mt. Dew.