World Of WarCraft Cosplayers Are Out Here Re-Writing Canon

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I know, we’ve already run our BlizzCon cosplay gallery, but there was a special event being held at the show this year that I thought deserved its own spotlight. It was called Project Ebon Blade, and involved dozens of World of Warcraft fans trying out a new twist on the game’s canon.

With outfits based on designs made by artist Zach Fischer, the premise is simple:

Imagine if during a prolonged war between the Horde and the Alliance, the new Lich King, Bolvar Fordragon slowly and quietly consolidated his strength, raising falling champions of BOTH factions to serve the Ebon Blade as death knights.

And so a massive cosplay project was born, taking existing WarCraft characters and warping them into something recognisable, but also new.

You can see a gallery of participants below. Most shots (and the video) are by Mineralblu, but there are some additional shots down the bottom from Dave Yang as well. You’ll find each cosplayer’s Instagram handle linked beneath their image.

And finally, here’s everyone together: