World Of Warcraft Armory Goes 3D

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The Armory, World of Warcraft's number one stalking, tool is now even stalkier, as upgrades introduce 3D character models, character data feeds, and calendar feeds, allowing players to sync their WoW calendars to their Google calendars.

I feel so naked, and that's probably because the World of Warcraft Armory database now shows my mage, Rande, in full 3D, giving me the ability to zoom-in, rotate, and pose my character, which is naked due to an account hack earlier this year. My shame is now live for all to see, along with the new Character Activity Feed, which shows that I haven't really played him much since late 2008.

For more active characters, the Character Activity Feed will display current achievements, loot acquisitions, and boss fights, with the ability to export the RSS feed to your own personal website so you parents can see why you never call or write.


Finally there's the Player Calendar Feeds, which make it easy to take your in-game calendar on the road, exporting the data into applications like Google Calendar and syncing data for up to five characters at a time.

Visit the World of Warcraft Armory to try out these spiffy new features, which include an embeddable character display widget, complete with full-screen capability. Oh the shame.

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Wow, time has not been nice to WoW, has it? I seem to remember seeing character models that good in Ocarina of Time... in 1998.

Graphics aren't everything, and I've never even played WoW (or even seen it played for that matter), so I'm not judging the quality of the game. I always just expected a little more in the graphics department, I guess.