World Of Goo Goes Gold, WiiWare Version Coming Soon

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Great news for fans of independent game development! World of Goo, the game created by former Maxis and EA employees Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel, has gone gold. We've been following World of Goo for quite some time now, from early gameplay clips to its stint as an Independent Games Festival award nominee, which earned the title awards for Technical Excellence and Design Innovation. Start looking for the lovely PC box art on store shelves in November. There is also a WiiWare version of the game, which has just been submitted to Nintendo for approval and is expected to hit shortly before the PC retail release, along with a downloadable version for PC gamers who could do without the box. We congratulate Kyle and Ron and wish them the best of luck with what looks to be an extremely unique game! Pretty big news… [2D Boy Blog]


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So we're expecting the WiiWare version sometime in the near future?