World Masturbation Champion Prefers Anime Girls to Real Girls

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Everybody has a special talent. It might be drawing. It might be singing. For Masanobu Sato, it's jerking off.


Since 2009, the Tokyo native has held the masturbation world record at San Francisco's annual Masturbate-a-thon for the longest continuous time spent masturbating: 9 hours and 58 minutes. To prepare for the event, Sato swam twice weekly and gained five kilograms of muscle.

Sato is, as declared, a world-class wanker.

Dutch TV show Metropolis traveled to Tokyo to interview Sato. A NSFW teaser for the interview can be seen in the above gallery.

In it, Sato talked about how he begins his day, while his longtime girlfriend tracks his wank time with an iPhone app. According to Sato, his girlfriend isn't too interested in sex. He doesn't seem too bothered, though.

According to Sato's girlfriend, masturbation is her boyfriend's hobby. Hers is, well, dressing-making.


Online in Japan, the reaction to the clip (and Sato) ranges from bewilderment to amazed to embarrassment. "He's the shame of Japan," wrote one 2ch commenter after seeing the clip.

Sato does nicely sum up so many contemporary buzzwords and topics about Japan: lack of interest in sex as well as the country's declining birthrate. But that's not all. In one interview segment, Sato talked about what kind of adult films he enjoys, pulling out an adult anime.


"A real female, of course, smells, is dirty…" Masanobu said. "Of course, because it's a human being, it has lots of things. So we have this anime, isn't it clean and pretty?"

In Japan, it's popular to divide men into two camps: "niku-shoku" (meat-eater) and "sou-shoku" (grass-eater). The meat-eaters are aggressive, tough dudes. In the last few years, pundits are saying that more and more young men are passive grass-eaters—unwilling to take charge and feeling like they have nothing to prove, even if it playing with yourself for ten hours straight.


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