Image: Getty Images

In the World Cup final between France and Croatia, player Antoine Griezmann celebrated in the rudest way possible: with an emote dance from Fortnite.

ā€œTake the Lā€ is an emote in Fortnite that truly, brutally taunts other players. As you can see in the video below, the character puts their hand up to their face in an ā€œLā€ shape and then begins to kick their feet back and forth. Take the loss, it seems to scream, because I am totally making fun of you right now.

I never would have thought that I would see that after a goal in a World Cup final, but here we are. The celebration was incurred after a penalty kick against Croatia, and it has to be said that Griezmann has the emote down pretty well.

And, of course, the gif:

Of course, that could be because heā€™s had some practice. He did it against Argentina earlier in the tournament:

Maybe touchdown dances will return with a strong Fortnite flavor. Could we catch someone sliding into home base doing the floss dance?