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Wordle Is Getting Its Own Party Game, Out In October

Starting today, you can pre-order Wordle: The Party Game from Hasbro

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
The Wordle board game sitting on a white table.
Photo: Hasbro / Kotaku

Wordle at one point earlier this year dominated the internet and filled your Twitter feeds with colorful squares. And while today it’s not nearly the cultural phenomenon it once was, it’s still very popular, and to capitalize on that, Hasbro is creating a board game based on Wordle that will be out later this year.

As reported by CNN, Wordle: The Party Game is a physical tabletop party game built to emulate the experience of playing the original puzzle game that swept the world earlier this year. According to Hasbro, this game came together faster than most of its other board games, taking less than a year to fully plan and develop. It will be out on October 1 and can be pre-ordered today.


Wordle: The Party Game supports multiple players, co-op and a few different modes, including a classic mode that closely recreates the original gameplay of Wordle, along with a faster mode that limits time and word guesses.

The party game will ship with transparent yellow and green tiles, so you can mark correct letters and placement just like in the original game. Players will use dry erase boards and markers to make guesses and figure out the word. The board game also comes with an official word list from Wordle’s owners, the New York Times. Though you can also use any words you want, assuming they are five letters long.


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Hasbro tells CNN that it expects that Wordle: The Party Game will skew a bit more toward the same audiences that its other popular word-based board do, such as Scrabble and Boggle.

“We know those games are played by a slightly older audience, young adults and adults,” Hasbro told CNN. “But we want to make sure there’s a way in for the younger players because we know many families like to connect over games.”

Wordle: The Party Game can also be played more than once a day, unless you and your friends want to keep it authentic and only play one match every 24 hours. Look, I’m not here to judge you or your friends and how you all play games together, okay?


Wordle’s board game port is out October 1 and will be available on Amazon and Hasbro’s site, as well as in stores like Walmart and Target for $20. Once it’s out, you can probably use some of our Wordle tips to help you win and finally put grandpa in his place.