One of the highlights of last year’s Batman V. Superman, Gal Godot’s Amazonian warrior has her own movie in June, Justice League in November and a whole slew of toys, statues and collectibles shown at the 2017 New York Toy Fair to fill the space between.

Wonder Woman is one of DC’s central figures, and one of the most beloved comic book characters in history, and now she’s finally getting the recognition she deserves in the toy and collectibles space. Would DC Collectibles have offered a $350 tiara, bracelet and Lasso of Truth replica set ten years ago?

The relatively small booth housing DC Collectibles’ fancy wares was dominated by Wonder Woman. The first thing anyone visiting sees is this magnificent statue.

The deluxe Movie Wonder Woman on Horseback statue (coming in April for $350) set the tone for a display of Diana’s finest. There’s fantasy fare, like the $350 (they love that price point) Gotham City Garage statue.

There’s work based on June’s Wonder Woman movie, like this $280 Wonder Woman and her guy friend statue.

To the $150 statue of Gal Godot’s Wonder Woman from the Justice League movie, part of a series featuring some less important characters (come at me, Flash . . . oh, he already did).

And in case you’re looking for something a bit more stylized, the $85 Garcia Lopez “Art of War” statue is out in July.

In case you want something in a size more affordable, Mattel’s Wonder Woman doll lineup is pretty fantastic, featuring some amazing face sculpts.

Also, horse sculpts.

And Mattel’s DC Super Hero Girls line continues, adding new characters like Starfire and Frost while continuing to give us new looks at their black-and-blue-haired take on our favorite Amazonian.

And it wouldn’t be a major entertainment property without Funko getting in on the action. The Rock Candy figure of Wonder Woman in her training outfit is either gorgeous or adorable, I can’t tell.

And the Pop! figures are big-headed blank stares all ‘round.

Lastly, a special bonus from someone who didn’t skip the Mattel Collector event on Sunday like a bonehead, a sneak peek at movie villain Ares, via the DC Comics Multiverse build-a-figure set.

Wonder Woman fans are in for a real treat in the toy and collectible stores this year. Hopefully June’s movie will be good enough to get non-Wonder Woman fans to tow the line.

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