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Woman Charged With Using WoW "To Entice An Underage Person Into Sexual Activity"

Angie L. Jenkins told a boy she played World of Warcraft with that she was 21. She's actually 35. He told her he was 20. He was actually 15.

You know where this is going. After meeting in 2009, the pair developed a relationship that began online, moved to phone conversation and ultimately ended with a rendezvous in a car park in Amherst, New York, where the pair had sex, despite the unnamed boy being only 16 at the time.

Jenkins has since been charged with "using the Internet to entice an underage person into sexual activity", her undoing being that, during their earlier communications, the boy eventually and explicitly told her he was only 15, yet she kept up her pursuit, later telling a Federal Agent "it did not matter how old he was".


It's unclear how Jenkins - a mother of five - was tracked down, but when the FBI got hold of her World of Warcraft username, all it took was an administrative subpoena to WoW developers Blizzard and they had her name and contact details.

And yeah. We know. L. Jenkins. What are the odds?

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