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Wolfenstein Opening Chock Full Of Dead Nazis

The opening cinematic for the new Wolfenstein starts off quietly and ends like any good Wolfenstein video should - with dozens of dead Nazis.

The opening cinematic is filled with tons of heroic action, courtesy of America's number-one weapon against the Nazi regime, special agent B.J. Blazkowicz. I love the fact that the clip reinforces the well-known fact that Nazis tend to melt when faced with glowing ancient artifacts. My only problem with the opening cinematic is the same problem I have with cinematics for all first-person shooters. They're generally used to show off exactly the sort of action you won't see in the game. I'm sure Wolfenstein will be excellent, but it will definitely be lacking something if I can't swing heroically about a ship while the music swells.


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That was quite a bit more Bruckheimer-produced-action-movie stuff than I'm used to seeing from Id software. Can't decide what I think. They crammed a ton of that stuff into RE5, too. Cinematics in games are turning more and more into a 15-year-old boy's idea of a "kick ass" movie. But when BJ had the Halo bubble-shield at the end, that made it all worth it ... I guess.