Wolfenstein 2 Player Finds Creative Way To Beat Impossible Training Course Record

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Wolfenstein 2's base, the U-boat Eva’s Hammer, features an obstacle course known as the ‘kill house’ where BJ and pals can compete for the top score. The top time for the kill house seems to be permanently held by Set Roth’s cat/monkey hybrid, but one player found a clever way to get first place.


Mild spoilers for contraptions and an achievement in Wolfenstein 2.

Wolfenstein 2 has an achievement called “First Loser” for getting the “second best” time in the kill house. The top spot is held by Shoshana, Set’s creepy-but-adorable Siamese cat head sewn to the body of a monkey. Her impressive time of 18 seconds (the top time appears to decrease as the game goes along), plus the presence of a second place achievement but no first place one, led many players to think attaining the top spot was impossible.

In the video below, YouTuber SerKuLL uses some cool tricks to land at the top of the board with a 14 second run.

In the comments below the video, Serkull explains that they use the Dieselkraftwerk, a grenade launcher you get if you choose the Wyatt timeline at the beginning of Wolfenstein 2. Since the grenades can be placed and then detonated, Serkull sets them on the kill house’s targets before starting the run, then detonates them. “[E]xplode the bombs right at the start, then it’s all about just running it quick enough,” they wrote.

They also use the Constrictor Harness, a contraption that lets BJ squeeze through small spaces, to bypass part of the level and shave off some time. It’s a slick use of the game’s tools and, at the end of the video, puts them in the lead by four seconds.

It’s probably best to stay on the good side of a cat that can apparently shoot a gun, but take that, Shoshana.



There must be a strong reason why Shosana is second best in that kill house list.