Woah, I Didn't Know Kindergarten Cop Took Place in Silent Hill

I always thought of Schwarzenegger's 1990 film Kindergarten Cop as a feel-good family movie. Little did I know that the film was also a horror prequel, set in the same terrifying school as a section of the seminal 1999 horror video game Silent Hill.


It's easy to look at the first of these images (in the gallery above), posted a while back to SilentHillForum.com by user Gyromancy, and think "Aah, that's just a coincidence."

Keep going. By the third or fourth one, you'll get a little bit weirded out. Given the timeline here, the only thing that explains the similarities is the bizarre notion that the team that made Silent Hill decided, for some reason, to include a bunch of easter-egg'd visual nods to a 9-year-old (at the time) Arnold Schwarzenegger flick.


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