Every few weeks we here at Kotaku make a selection of some of the best Indie games that Xbox Live has to offer. These are our latest favorites.

You'll be able to find the list here for reference, or in the "Kotaku's favorites" channel in the Indie Game section of Xbox Live's Games Marketplace.

Wizorb (240 MS Points): I cannot recommend Wizorb more highly. It's a quirky mix of action RPG and Brick Breaker. You try to kill enemies, shoot fireballs, find secret rooms with all sorts of goodies, all while you try to raise the money to put the local town back together. It is my favorite indie game I have played in a long time.

Astralia (80 MS Points): I'll say it. Astralia confused the hell out of me at first, but once you get past the awkward U.I. the game is pretty enjoyable. You play as a large space ship that flies around, mining for resources, which in turn lets you build tiny spaceships to follow you around and blast the living hell out of anything you don't like the look of.


High Gravity Wells (80 MS Points): High Gravity Wells is a simple gravity game where you try to get your asteroid from start to finish using only the gravitational pull of nodes corresponding with the A, B, X and Y buttons. It takes some practice to not accidentally throw your asteroid into space every five seconds, but, as the levels get harder and more maze-like, it makes completing each level something very satisfying.


Sideral Defense (240 MS Points): In this new tower defense game Sideral, you build defenses on pre-set nodes that line up all the way to a spawn point. What I really enjoyed was how Sideral removes the maze aspect of the genre and replaces it with a mining/resource management system. It really helps it stand out in this sea of tower defenses we have all come to swim in.

The Fall of Gods (240 MS Points): The Fall of the Gods is a an action RPG in the same vein as the older Zelda games, you find items, slash enemies faces and viciously attack every object that looks breakable. The stand-out of the game is in its art. The games scenery almost has a painterly feel to it. That gave it the polish all too many indie games lack.


Tunnelvision (240 MS Points): Tunnel Vision reminds me of those awesome trench levels in Star Wars games, and honestly it's not a bad thing at all. The game looks pretty good, especially for an Indie game.


Math Fighter (240 MS Points):Are you the kind of person that tries to do simple math before your friends can? Do you enjoy the smug sense of superiority of mentally defeating someone? Then Math Fighter is the game for you. Math Fighter lets you go head to head with friend, foe or computer to complete math questions ranging from elementary all the way to basic college math. Combat is waged between avatars who throw fireballs at each other.

Honorable Mention - GOOLIN (80 MS Points): When GOOLIN loaded up I thought it was a complete joke, a joke that Microsoft and the peer review process that was playing on me just for a laugh. That joke became serious when I played the game until the trial completely ran out and I had still only figured out one or two steps of this game. I've told you nothing about the game, though. Experience it for yourself.