Wives and GTA IV: Worlds in Collision

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Nothing shreds the mystique of a game like watching as it's played by someone who not only is not in awe of it, but also obliviously misses its point. It also makes for an hilarious write-up, as The Exploding Barrel demonstrates with author Jeremy's report on inviting his non-gamer wife to play.

Her gaming style clearly asks questions Rockstar never thought to answer. Like accidentally hitting an elderly pedestrian with a semi, jumping out to see if she's OK, then wondering how to put her in the truck and take her to the hospital. Uh, left bumper, hold Y, click right stick? His wife also loves swinging a baseball bat, but only at a dumpster, because hitting people with it would be mean. It's why she didn't finish off the hood who dropped the bat. "I think he learned his lesson."

"No, honey, Grand Theft Auto IV is like Seinfeld, the characters never learn from their mistakes." See, that's what he should have said.


Anyway, good thing he didn't take her into multiplayer. Or, come to think of it, the first dating mission with Michelle. Her head might have exploded from the intriguing dialogue and nonstop excitement. If Lifetime wrote a sandboxer, that mission would be the finale.

When Wives Meet GTA IV [The Exploding Barrel]

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While my mom wasn't quite as oblivious to the fact that you can't drive pedestrians to the hospital, it was interesting and funny to watch her play GTAIII for the few minutes that she did. She's not much of a gamer at all, so she had a lot of trouble driving and would occaisionally cringe when she smashed into walls or exclaim "ooh! Sorry!" when she hit pedestrians. Pretty funny from my perspective.