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Witness the Awesome iPad Game That Lets Your Fingers Get Intimate with the Universe

Steph Thirion's games understand the power of touch. While most iOS games require tactile contact to play, so few translate what it means to touch in real life. Touching a thing or a person can connect you to it intimately. Think about touching ingredients when you cook or affectionate laying hands on a romantic partner. There's an specific kind of pleasure and feedback that comes from that dynamic and Thirion's Elissone of our iPad Bests—revels in that


While at GDC, I took a look at the indie designer's in-development game Faraway. It lets you soar across the galaxy and draw constellations to harvest energy to keep a dying comet alive. Faraway's fun to play in a gotta-keep-going kind of way but there's also a specific kind of poetry at work here, where going to new places and creating unique patterns generates its own rewards. I think Faraway's going to be great whenever it comes out.

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You know what I love about the new iPad? Competition. Asus was going to intro their 1900x1200 TF pad infinite in a few weeks for $600...was being the keyword there. No way they could get away with a price like that now that a better screen and better hardware can be had for $100 less. And now that the iPad 2 is only $400, those other Tegra 2 tabs (which have already fallen in price) will have to fall even further. nVidia said Tegra 3 for ~$300 was coming. Tegra 2 will have to fall to something priced like the kindle fire when that happens. And the Kindle fire itself? Well it will have to be slashed as well (and will be anyway once amazon shows us whats its got brewing next)

Forget Game of Thrones. The REAL war coming this April will be that of tablet pricing. Every tablet on the market right this moment not made by apple is in for a serious evisceration, and I will be there to pick up the remains.