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Without Players Terrorizing It, Skyrim Seems Pleasant

Ah, Whiterun. You look so nice from a distance like this, with all your citizens buzzing around, miniaturized like ants.


Check out this great timelapse of Skyrim by Ozin370, which utilizes a shallow depth of field—giving it a similar effect to tilt shift. You might remember tilt shift as one of the main effects used in SimCity, which gives it is distinctive look:

There's something weirdly soothing about seeing Skyrim like this.

And oh, hey—here's another cool timelapse by Ozin370, only this one focuses on weather:

I'm using both of these as proof that players sort of ruin Skyrim (in the best way, of course).


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The cities really irritated me in Skyrim. The 9 major cities are supposed to be these large, important capital cities, but they're all so miniscule. Look at Whiterun, there are maybe 20 buildings there; that's a hamlet. How many people could live in such a place, a few hundred at a generous guess? Meh, a couple hundred does not not a capital city make. And don't go throwing fiefs and feudalism at me, the populations surrounding the cities were similarly tiny.