Juggalo Geralt says hello.

Witcher 3’s new mod tools might leave something to be desired, but that hasn’t stopped modders from injecting the game with a cackling dose of fuckweird. Let’s look at a few of the less... expected mods that have come out in the past week.

Geralt face fusion

This one lets you fuse Geralt’s face with NPCs’ faces. The results are usually upsetting on a primal level. Case in point: Geralt the juggalo up there.


Infection mode

Want to ruin your whole wide witchy world? Try this one:

Spawns a devourer that’s 6 levels above yours. The patient-zero devourer will ignore player for 10 seconds and attack surrounding NPCs, each NPC hit by the patient-zero will turn into a necrophage until user-defined limit of “zombies” is reached. People turned into necrophages will go after other NPCs, turning them into more necrophages. Obviously they won’t forget about the player.


Good luck.

You have lost more than coin

So you’ve committed a crime. Now you’re probably thinking, “All the guards took was my hard-earned money. Haha, suckers. I got caught, but I’m not naked!” Obviously that’s what you’re thinking. This mod fixes that for some reason:

With this simple mod, if you don’t fear losing your uber rare witcher gear you can have a few laughs while seeing Geralt pantless after a beating for trolling the guards and having no cash.


Thank goodness.

Chest hair for Geralt

By default, Geralt does, in fact, have a forest of meticulously manscaped chest hair. But he doesn’t have enough of it. This mod gives him a little more chest hair. Not a lot. Just a little.


Chicken helmet mod

Why not?

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