Wisdom Tree's Games Turned Shooters Into Bible Stories

In the 1990s, a company called Wisdom Tree made serious bank selling Bible-themed video games for consoles. And in many cases, they were just tweaking existing games and giving them a Bible twist, with often hilarious results.

On this episode of Complete In Box, we look at an interesting example: Exodus for the Sega Genesis. Besides being one of the only examples I can think of where the game’s title and the system it plays on are both books from the Old Testament, Exodus purports to tell the story of Moses, but is in actuality a port of a very not-religious game called Crystal Mines.


Wisdom Tree’s gambit was changing all of the game elements to overwrought Biblical references. That’s where the game’s box and manual were of paramount importance, explaining to players that they were not shooting a bullet at a monster but speaking the Word Of God at the weaknesses of man.

And bombs were replaced with staves.

Staves that counted down from three and then exploded.

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They also were one of the few who broke the NES’s security chip the 10NES, but even though Nintendo knew of this and the money they were making, they decided the optics of nuking Wisdom Tree in court wouldn’t fly and let it pass. Tengen and Atari however got no sort of pass however and settled out of court following the first win by Nintendo.