Winning Mario Party 9 by Doing Absolutely Nothing

How hard is it to win Mario Party 9 against computer opponents? If you set the AI difficulty to easy, you don't even need to touch the controller.


This video might be a month and a half old, but I've been watching it and laughing all morning, so I'd say that's worth something. YouTube user Tyndis set up a round of Mario Party 9 with three AI opponents, and then put the controller down, only touching it to start each mini-game. What happens next is simply glorious. It might be Luigi's most shining moment.

Mario Party 9: Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing [YouTube]



This is actually the only Wii game my 4 year old daughter can play for this exact reason. She sees her 8 year old brother playing on normal difficulty and winning so she wants to do the same thing. Putting it on easy A.I. gives her a sense of accomplishment and that "look I can do what my brother is doing" feeling of success.