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Wing Commander’s Spiritual Sequel Sets a New $5.7 Million Video Game Crowdfunding Record

Want proof that people want to soar through the cosmos in video games again? The people who've helped Chris Roberts' upcoming space sim Star Citizen smash through more than $5.7 million of crowdfunding pledges are giving doubters all the evidence they might need. That's more than any other video game project has raised via crowdfunding.


$3,821,900 of that comes from direct contributions on the Roberts while Kickstarter accounts for the other $1,910,818. (These numbers are as of 9:30 AM ET.) Now, Roberts has the benefits of being synonymous with Wing Commander, one of gaming's true cultural phenomenon. But he's also making an ambitious new game on a platform that's taken for granted in a genre that's supposed to be dead and forgotten. And when news of Star Citizen first surfaced, it was impossible not to gawp at the huge sum Roberts was stumping for. So the fact that $2 million goal was eclipsed by a margin of more than double is a pretty impressive accomplishment. Star Citizen is about two years away, but now Roberts and crew have the cash to deliver a game that will be worth the wait.


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