A former employee of Ensemble Studios has formed Windstorm Studios, already hard at work on "an online game unlike anything you've ever seen!"

Windstorm Studios' president and founder Dusty Monk saw an opportunity when Microsoft closed down his former employer, Ensemble Studios. An opportunity to create something new in the massively multiplayer online game he loves. The studio is currently contracting industry talent to work on a project shrouded in mystery, but incredibly appealing, even in textual teaser form.

Are you tired of online games filled with depressing predictions of post apocalyptic destruction? Are you weary of walking through grey streets beneath grey skies and killing grey zombies? Have you had your fill of dank cellars and dark caves? Well so have we! And we're ready to build a brighter world! A better online game - a game with the promise of of a hopeful future — cities of glass and steel, and most importantly, flying cars!


Wait, so not all futures have to be dark? What about the apocalypse? Aren't we supposed to have one? I could have sworn one was scheduled. It seems like Dusty here is talking about the sort of shining future city that writers used to dream about back in the 1950's. Towers of glass and steel, flying cars? I'm not exactly sure what Windstorm is selling, but I'm dangerously close to buying it, sight unseen.

You can find some more concept art floating about Windstorm's website. We'll be paying close attention as well.

Windstorm Studios - Tomorrow's Games Today [Official Site via IGN]

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