The First Great Mobile Japanese Action RPG Is Getting A Sequel

Released in early 2010, EXE-Create's Japanese action role-playing game Across Age was a turning point in my mobile gaming career — the moment I realized that the types of games I really loved would soon be in my pocket. Across Age II is coming this winter, and I'm positively giddy.


The only real issue I had with the original game (once they got over the whole slamming into enemies thing) was the touchscreen virtual controls. They were still a relatively new thing, still a bit wonky. Even so, I enjoyed the hell out of the 15-hours I played through the story, defeating enemies, leveling characters and solving time-twisting puzzles.


Across Age II promises four playable characters, a huge world to explore, challenging boss fights and some 20 hours of adventure. That's exciting.

Even more exciting? It's coming this winter, long after controller support shows up with iOS 7 later this week. Across Age II with a game controller? That sounds like a dangerous combo. I can't wait.

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Will this be IOS only? Will it be Android or Sony mobile?