Will the PS3 Overtake the Xbox 360? Will It Happen?

Nintendo rules this generation, leaving Microsoft and Sony to duke it out for numero two. So, which of those two is winning?

As website MCVUK pointed out, Microsoft. The U.S. console maker announced last month that it has sold 57.3 million Xbox 360s worldwide. Today, Sony revealed that it's sold 56 million PS3s.


Simple math tells us that Sony is now within striking distance—only 1.3 million consoles away. I say "only", but 1.3 million of anything is a lot. Last quarter, Sony sold slightly more consoles compared with the same period last year: 3.7 million compared to 3.5 million PS3s.

Still, neither are nowhere near Nintendo, who, as of last month, posted a whopping worldwide grand total of 88.3 million sold Wiis.

PS3 close to catching Xbox 360 [MCVUK]

(Top photo: Barry Gutierrez | AP)

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