Will the Next Star Wars: The Old Republic Update Make it the Game You Want to Play?

Today BioWare released a video outlining the sweeping changes coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic in game update 1.2. With the evolution of the game's Legacy system and new Warzones, Flashpoints, and Operations in the pipes, is it sad that what I'm most excited about is new lightsaber colors?


Yes, this is very sad, but you can't stand behind a man and his pink lightsaber. Don't worry, I'm excited about some of the other things too. Customizable armor appearance? New vanity pets? Count me in for the long haul, Darth baby.

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Christ, the Legacy system looks like it's single-handedly going to kill the game. Using abilities from other Classes? Anyone can play as any Species? Who in the *HELL* thought those were going to be good idea?!

The rest of it looks good, but seriously, those two aspect of the Legacy system have just killed any bit of interest I have with the game.