Will Take-Two Follow EA In Its Pursuit Of "Original Purchasers"?

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Electronic Arts has recently upped its efforts to dissuade gamers from purchasing used copies of games in the form of rewards for "original purchasers" of games like The Saboteur, Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2. Who's next? You, Take-Two?


In an industry starved for original ideas on par with EA's "Cerberus Network" and other Project Ten Dollar attempts, it's only a matter of time before other publishers think what a great idea those tactics are. As for Take-Two Interactive's top men, they "don't have a point of view on it, at the moment."


"We're looking at it," Take-Two execs noted during today's quarterly earnings investor call, saying "the key thing is we have to be consumer friendly and we have to be retail friendly. I think it's much more interesting to focus on things like downloadable content" than the one-time use codes that EA has introduced in its recent releases.

"That said, anything's possible and we're not ruling anything out," execs clarified. And you shouldn't rule it out either or be surprised, when Grand Theft Auto V is eventually announced.

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I don't want to open pandora's box here, but seriously, please tell me I'm not the only one who agrees with this practice. I'm very anti-DRM and usually don't agree with draconian practices, but used games do hurt the developers (possibly as much as piracy? I can't back this claim up without a source, so for now this is opinionated). I think it's a great system for used game buyers to still get a good game, and for original purchases to get somewhat of a "bonus" (arguably speaking).