Will Square-Enix Rename The Final Fantasy VII Remake "Final Fantasy XVII"?

Will Square-Enix announce they’ve renamed the Final Fantasy VII remake Final Fantasy XVII? Will Isabelle from Animal Crossing appear in the new Smash for the Nintendo Switch? Is Death Stranding going to have a battle royale mode called “Last Man Stranding”? All these idiotic questions and more will be yelled, screamed, shrieked, whispered, and cackled in this new quadruple-length episode of Kotaku XP, me and Gita Jackson’s weekly video discussion of hot Kotaku topics!

I’m going to E3 this year. Heck, I’m flying out tomorrow morning. This will be the 15th E3 I’ve been to. Wow! That’s a lot.


So let me tell you a story about the old days. Maybe you, like me, were around on this magic day. Though if you weren’t, let me blow your mind for a second. Squaresoft—this was before they were Square-Enix—once announced Final Fantasy IX, X, and XI all at the same press conference.

(Note: this didn’t happen at E3. Though it was a press conference, so it’s on my mind.)


So what I’m saying is (and in case you haven’t caught on, yes, I am being completely ridiculous) Square-Enix could announce Final Fantasy XV DLC, Final Fantasy XVI, and Final Fantasy XVII on the same day. And the shocker could be that Final Fantasy XVII is actually the Final Fantasy VII remake.

What if Square-Enix performed this ultimate brazen maneuver with Final Fantasy XVII? What if, in the spirit of Microsoft’s skipping from Windows 8 to Windows 10, they skip Final Fantasy XVI altogether?

I wouldn’t be surprised. I would, however, “cackle so hard my trachea dissolves,” as I say on this week’s Kotaku XP.

Do you want to hear more stuff like this? Well, that’s what our episode is about this week.


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I’d be down with this, it’s not like the numbers really matter anyways. FFXII is a spin-off of Tactics, after all.