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Upcoming Hollywood flick Resident Evil: Afterlife has been announced for release on August 27, 2010, but reports have surfaced that the movie will be pushed back to January 14, 2011.


Afterlife is the first film in the series to be filmed in 3D, and the rumored delay is due to the extra time needed to complete the movie's CG special effects.

The film's star, Milla Jovovich, has tweeted that the movie has not officially been pushed back, writing, "RE Afterlife IS NOT officially pushed. There have been talks of pushing it as they [are] not sure they can have it ready by July. We [are] trying as hard as we can to still meet the summer deadline though, so for the moment its still on for August."


For the moment.

Update: Resident Evil: Afterlife Pushed Back to 2011 []

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