Will Final Fantasy XIII Be Playable At Tokyo Game Show?

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A playable demo for upcoming role-playing-game Final Fantasy XIII has already been released in Japan. Bundled with Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, it came out earlier this spring.

And with the Japanese PS3 version being something like 90 percent finished, you'd think that the game would be in playable form at this year's Tokyo Game Show. Wouldn't you?


"What should we do?" jokes Final Fantasy producer Yoshinori Kitase. "Well, because we're aiming for a winter release date, we'd like to have users play the game before then. Timing-wise, since there's only TGS, we'd definitely like to shoot for that."

『FF XIII』完成度90%以上でTGS試遊も!? 北瀬氏&鳥山氏にドイツで直撃! [Dengeki Online]

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Final Fantasy jumped the shark, just like Star Wars. It used to be a special event when a Final Fantasy game came out. The character's and storyline meant something, but now it feels like there's a new Final Fantasy game every week, taking characters from other games and mixing them up, messing up the continuity of the original games.