In Fable II, lazy players like me (hello!) could use a loophole in the game to do something very important: Earn lots of in-game cash quick.

By setting the Xbox 360's clock forward and then starting the game, Fable II would be fooled into giving players all the money have were supposed to have earned each day. Thus, setting your Xbox 360's clock to, say, January 1, 2050 could bring some serious in-game moolah to use to buy property, furniture and fancy new threads.

Otherwise players would have to spend their time in the game chopping wood or going on side quests to build up their bank accounts. Time sinks! Why go on a side quest when you could be picking out a new cupboard?

I love the fact that Fable II has a loophole. Life has loopholes — and it actually seems, in a funny way, incredibly realistic. This isn't a cheat, which would be breaking the rules completely. If you know how to work the system, then you should, by all means, do just that.


When I saw Peter Molyneux at some E3 event, I quickly asked him if this exploit would be returning for Fable III. I told him that it was a necessary loophole for players like me who want to amass vast wealth to buy neat things in the game! Like, I actually think the loophole made the game far more enjoyable to me.

Molyneux told me that there were some who wanted to take the exploit out of Fable III. "I've been campaigning to keep it in," Molynexu added. Hope he wins.