Carbine Studios' animated space opera has been teasing MMORPG fans with colorful characters and hilarious CGI videos since its announcement in 2011. On June 3, WildStar opens the wild space frontier to the public. Let's see what goodies we can get for preordering.

Looks like early access to open and closed beta events, which is nice. Oh, and a May 31 head start — three days of extra play is always nice. What else do they have?


Ooooo, a Rocket House. Who doesn't want to live in a rocket? I certainly want to live in a rocket.

An entire spaceship? Holy crap! *reads press release again* Oh, just a housing decoration that gives players extra rested experience. Boring.


That looks to be it — there's a ten-slot storage bag and the chance to secure your name, but other than that. Hmm.

Wait, there are two editions. Standard edition comes with all of that, 30 days of game time and three friend passes.

Then there's the Digital Deluxe edition, which gives players all of that plus a unique costume, player title, dye set and a hoverboard.


The Digital Deluxe edition runs $15 more than the $59.99 standard package. Preorders launch on March 19 at the official WildStar page, as well as select online retailers.


While I am in the beta for the game (I can say that now that the NDA is up), I haven't played much — I don't want to ruin the launch experience. I know it's technically my job to ruin the launch experience, but let me have this one.

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