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Wild Theory Explains the Origins of Metal Gear Solid V's Sniper

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Metal Gear Solid fans aren't waiting idly for the next MGS game: rather, they're devoting a lot of time to interesting theories about the different characters in Metal Gear Solid. Take Quiet, the mute (and controversial) sniper, for example.

Already, we've seen a few theories about Quiet, most of which focus on why she dresses a certain way. Now there's another theory about her origin that's been floating around for the last few weeks, and this one is particularly out there (click on 'expand' to see this at full size):


What are the chances that Kojima would take a tortured character, have them undergo a sex change, and then torture that character again in a later game? You know, saying it, it sounds absolutely ridiculous...and yet it doesn't seem like an outlandish thing for Kojima to do, I dunno. Especially not after some of the awful things that happen in Ground Zeroes. That, and video games sure are fond of poor taste twists like these.

Which is not to say I believe that Chico, the child soldier we see in Ground Zeroes, later becomes Quiet, the provocative sniper. Who knows! Rather, I think all the wild conspiracy theories about MGS that players come up with are curious, regardless of how grounded in reality they seem.


What's clear is that players are hungry to find out what the deal with Quiet is—and hopefully, her actual story isn't what this theory postulates.

(Via Rodrigo Araújo)