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Jason Rohrer, creator of experimental games like Passage and, most recently, a satanic gambling game that people have won as much as $6,000 from, has a new project. It’s a multiplayer survival game about living life in an hour. Also, other players are your parents, and you cooperate across generations to take civilization from sticks and stones to iPhones.

Warning: NSFW if your work disapproves of goofy cartoon nudity or magical poof cloud birthings.

The game is called One Hour One Life. Here’s a trailer:

The game is a collaboration between Rohrer and musician/artist Tom Bailey, and its scope is obviously immense. For instance, the crafting tree to get from cave person times to This Glorious Age Of Information is made up of 10,000 items. Good luck!

Right now One Hour One Life is still early, but if it’s anything like Rohrer’s other games, it will certainly be interesting.

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