Wild Arms Creators Make RPG Magic On The iPhone

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From Square Enix and the developers Wild Arms comes Chaos Rings, an iPhone game that looks like it could be the first great 3D Japanese RPG on the platform, with production values on par with PlayStation-era Final Fantasy titles.

The comparison is apt, considering the game features designs by Yusuke Naora, the character designer for Final Fantasy VII, along with music by Noriyasu Agematsu, who worked with developer Media Vision previously on the Wild Arms series.

We've got good music, compelling character designs, and a combination of 3D characters on 2D backgrounds, which makes for quite a lovely game, especially for an iPhone title. So what's the game about?


The story, which was detailed in this week's issue of Japanese gaming mag Famitsu and gleaned by Andriasang, revolves around a tournament called the Arka Arena, where five teams for two fighters each are brought to and forced to fight to the death. The player chooses a team and sets out to battle monsters and work their way through a story crafted by novelist and game scenario writer Yukinori Kitajima, chief writer for Sega's Japanese Wii exclusive, 428.

You can visit the official Chaos Rings web page for more info, or check out the trailer below for a taste of gameplay and graphics. Chaos Rings is listed as "coming soon" to the App Store, so expect it to show up when we least expect it.

First Look: Chaos Rings [Adriasang - thanks Witz!]

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Please. Let us have a good 2D turn based RPG before you start pulling a DS-Fail and making games 3D without the technology to really perform.