Wikipedia Warns Tecmo To Stop Editing Wiki Page

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Last year was messy for Tecmo. The company's president Yoshimi Yasuda resigned amid controversy, and its most recognizable developer Tomonobu Itagaki left the company.


Yasuda was at the center of the Itagaki vs. Tecmo legal suit. Dead or Alive creator Tomonobu Itagaki is suing for unpaid DoA 4 wages. These were "special incentive" wages that Itagaki claims were agreed to by the former Tecmo president and the board of directors, but the current president is claiming these "special incentive" wages were made single-handedly by the former president and not approved by the Tecmo board.

During the court proceedings, evidence was presented, such as this secret audio tape that we broke, which contained statements by Yasuda that seemed in direct conflict with his court claim that this "special incentives" proposal was made single-handedly by the former president and not approved by the Tecmo board. The recording helps support Itagaki's claim that his special incentive bonus was approved by Tecmo's former president and the board of directors, and that the current president knows this, contradicting himself.

Yasuda was embroiled in a totally separate lawsuit filed by other Tecmo employees as well - Hiroaki Ozawa and co-plaintiff Tatsuki Tsunoda. Ozawa is the Tecmo Labor Union leader and Ninja Gaiden 2 lead engineer, while Tsunoda is the Ninja Gaiden 2 level design lead. According to the suit, the workers were illegally placed on a "flexible hours" work scheme where overtime was not paid.


Like we said, it was a mess.

This year has looked up. After avoiding being taken over by Square Enix, Tecmo merged with Koei. 2008 is water under the bridge. The past!


However, it seems that a Tecmo employee has apparently been altering the company's Wiki page — a user with the company's IP address has been making changes to the page. Some of those changes seem related to the events of last year, such as trying to hide info about who quit the company. Wikipedia has warned Tecmo about editing its own Wiki page.


If this is true, Tecmo is hardly the only company editing its own Wiki page. The issue that Wikipedia seems to be taking is that Tecmo appears to be covering up factual information that might make the company look bad. That's that past, Tecmo! This year is great.

【トレビアン】ゲーム会社、テクモがWikipediaを改ざん! 指摘をうけるまでに [livedoor] [Pic]



Kudos for running a story like this btw

Unfortunately one of Wikipedias strongest sides is also the weakest... I can sit for hours just reading history, geography and assorted pages on that website, but still.. From time to time I run into pages where it says stuff like "and Napoleon also liked to have intercourse with pigs".

I regard the Idea of Wikipedia as perhaps the most democratic internet function of them all. Free for all, free of charge and highly educational.

Sadly too open for sabotage, and I see no solution.

Increase security decrease freedom

So when Tecmo does a thing like this, hiding the truth.. Shouldn't the repercussions be more than a Warning? Yes, this might be a minor thing and alot of people will say "So what? I dont care about Tecmo crap"

But I think we have come to a stage where pages like this (wikipedia) should be considered at a higher value than they are today. Wikipedia is perhaps the most valuable yet attainable resource for knowledge we have today.

Conundrum...or something...