WiiWare Launches In Europe/Australia, Gets Demos With A Catch

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As advertised, the WiiWare service has begun launching across PAL territories today. Upon firing up my Wii this morning, I was able to get WiiWare up and running, browse the six available launch titles (full list after the jump), then see something a little unexpected. There was a demo! Yes, a demo for Dr Mario. Oh, don't get so excited. You see, while the demo's free, you can only play it if you've got the friend code of somebody who's already paid full price for the game. Making it almost completely useless! Note to Nintendo: I know you're new to this, but that's not how you do demos.


As for the launch lineup, while original reports had the service launching with eight titles across the PAL regions, the Australian launch only features six games, though that's no indication the European launch won't have all eight. The games on the Australian WiiWare store today are:


Lost Winds
Star Soldier R
Dr. Mario & Germ Buster
Toki Tori Take 2
TV Show King
Final Fantasy: My Life as a King

Oh, before we wrap this up, there was an interesting little note attached to the end of the Nintendo Australia press release. It reads:

WiiWare also empowers consumers to determine with their Wii Points which games have the ability to become the next big thing. Consumers will assist in the creative process as their choices will directly determine the success of current projects and direct the plans for future ones.

In other words, if you want more beautiful platformers, buy Lost Winds.

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Luke Plunkett

@dowingba: Lots of ways! For one, this is meant to be a service where you can buy all KINDS of cooky games, not just the types that sell the most. Indeed, isnt that the whole POINT of the service?